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Extending Press Card (R)
2009-02-20 13:16

Press Card (R) of a resident foreign journalist remain valid for no more than one year. Resident foreign journalist shall apply for extension of Press Card (R) before it expires.

The IPC handles the extension of Press Card (R) of resident foreign journalists in a given period each year. Please refer to relevant notifications at the IPC's website (http://ipc.fmprc.gov.cn ) in due time.

Foreign journalists based in Beijing can directly turn in their Cards to the IPC for renewal. Journalists based in Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou and Shenyang shall apply at the original registration authorities for examination and extension within the stipulated time.

A resident journalist should submit the following items when applying for extension of his Press Card (R):

1. An application letter for extension signed by the head or chief journalist of the permanent office.

2. A valid Press Card (R)

In case of overdue application, an explanation for the delay has to be provided. If he fails to do so, without a justifiable reason, he shall be deemed to have automatically waived his status as a resident foreign journalist and his Press Card (R) shall be cancelled accordingly.

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