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Journalists Representing Two or More Media organizations, short-term Journalists or Acting Journalists
2009-02-20 13:18

i. Journalists Representing Two or More Media organizations

Where two or more foreign media organizations intend to dispatch one and the same resident journalist at the same time, they shall submit separate applications in accordance with the relevant regulations and specify in their respective applications other foreign media organizations for which the said journalist works concurrently.

Where the foreign media organization wants to dispatch a resident foreign journalist who has already worked in the permanent offices of other foreign media organizations, it should present the written approvals of the other offices when making application and then register at the IPC or local FAOs.

ii. short-term or acting journalists

If a foreign media organization needs to dispatch a short-term journalist to China to assist with its permanent office's operations, or a resident foreign journalist has to leave China for a period of less than six months and the journalist's media organization intends to dispatch an acting journalist in the interim, an officer in charge of the headquarters of the media organization should directly or through the local Chinese embassy or consulate submit a written application to the Information Department in advance. The application should include the short-term or acting journalist's name, gender, age, nationality, position and resume, as well as documents identifying him/her as a professional journalist. With a valid J-2 visa, the short-term or acting journalist can conduct reporting activities in China. If the journalist needs to extend the J-2 visa for special reasons, he or she shall submit a written application to the Information Department in advance and, with approval, apply for visa extension at the exit and entry administration department of local public security bureau.

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